Success Cost Manager

Cost Manager is a centralized web based application which manages the entire cost of the project. It is a flexible and easy to use Cost Management system. It ensures predictability and cost control for the project. It provides a structured approach to the management of all costs associated with the project.

Cost manager can manage multiple organizations. It is easy to set up, allowing users to configure the system to suit their own requirements. Security allows each user’s role, responsibilities and the information they can see to be defined, helping them to focus on what is important. Can be Used as a single product or integrated with other products like document manager/estimation software.

Features of Success Cost Manager

  • Involves Activity based costing
  • Work Breakdown Structure(WBS) which helps to organize and define the total work scope
  • Cost code system which organizes data in a detail level
  • Allows multiple currency
  • Allocation of budget/revision of budget for the project/contract
  • Work Oder to describe the scope of work, value of work, type of work
  • Allocation of CAPEX amount
  • Work Progress for tracking the work status wherein invoice/bills can be submitted in intervals
  • Provision to add Potential Variation
  • Comparison with actual estimation/planning
  • Approval of Variation through workflow
  • Allows to Update Budget if there is a variation which will change the actual scope of work
  • Payment certificate for tracking details relating to payments to contractors/suppliers
  • Allows Insurance Claims to be entered and to renew insurance before expiry
  • Assign users(consultants, contractors and suppliers to project for centralized tracking) through workflow
  • Attachment of all project documents directly in workflow for quick reference
  • Printing of detailed workflow stage-wise for team to track project activities


  • Generate Standard reports like Potential Variation, Variation, Payment certificate, Invoice, Work Order, and Contingency Report etc.
  • Generate Custom Report for example Approved Variation custom report


  • Planned and actual Cash Flow for the project/contract
  • Financial Report displaying all the relevant financial information for the project/contract
  • Project Summary
  • A snapshot or quick view for the cost and cash flow


  • Alerts
  • Search/View/Close Documents related workflow

Benefits of Success Cost Manager

  • Minimal software requirement
  • Highly Customizable product
  • Backup, Archiving & Portability of project data
  • Integration with Primavera project planner
  • Integration with document manager
  • Prevents Cost distortion
  • Better control and techniques to manage cost / forecast cost
  • Flexible reporting and analysis structure

Cost Manager

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