Success Document Manager

Document Manager is web based document management software. It is a comprehensive solution for tracking, organizing and retrieving documents of an organization. It organizes content in a logical way, and makes it easy to standardize content creation and presentation across an enterprise.

This software intends to keep track of all the documents associated with an organization. You can store and search a particular resource of the Company through this system. You can add various formats of a document such as scanned copy, word file, and PDF format. This will give a control over the document resource associated with your organization and will help you to make a fare estimate of work flow.

Features of Success Document Manager

  • Record management system and logs
  • Online document searching
  • Update/review/retrieval of documents
  • Drawing register store, revision and approval
  • Submittal approval / rejection
  • Correspondence and letters
  • Instructions and inspection documents
  • Defined workflow for distribution of documents to pre-defined users
  • Manual Workflow for distribution of documents to newly selected users
  • Retrieval of documents is made easier with advanced search options
  • Approvals / Forwards/ Rejection/Closure can be done online
  • Maintaining Document Version
  • Retention of documents for a specific period of time
  • Most advanced user / group based security

Benefits of Success Document Manager

  • Reduces the administration cost and overhead
  • Documents are Indexed in a particular manner
  • Documents are available online at any time
  • Complete process based document flow and easily auditable
  • There is always an alternative to the original document if lost
  • Archival of documents for future use is an added advantage
  • Takes lesser storage space
  • Faster process cycle times
  • Compliance with regulatory, legal and quality requirements

Who can use Document Manager?

  • Construction Management team
  • Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Engineering Firms
  • Oil Field Companies

Document Manager

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