Job Order Contracting

JOC is a comprehensive procurement system for construction and construction related services. It helps the owners to build relationships with the contractors and complete routine construction services rapidly and at a significantly lower cost.

JOC is a competitively bid contract since all the prices and the Adjustment Factors are established before the contract is awarded. The major advantage of a JOC program is that the potential for additional Job Orders gives the contractor a continuing incentive to do timely and high quality work.

Features of JOC

  • Project Scope Study
  • Detailed Technical specifications by the client
  • Access to Multiple Unit Price Books
  • Additional entry into Price Book if task prices are not available
  • Broad Estimation to be carried out
  • Proposal workflow from contractor to client
  • Pricing proposal using the unit prices from the contractor
  • Schedule, drawings, list of proposed subcontractors
  • Estimate vs. Proposal Capability Comparison
  • Clarification or Request from client
  • Approval from the client for the proposals submitted by the contractor
  • Submission of the invoice and approval of payment
  • Manageable document scope and improved data organization

Benefits of using JOC

  • Fast and timely delivery of projects
  • Saves money through the use of client specific technical specifications
  • Development of a partner relationship based on work performance
  • JOC is about performance, reliability, dependability and quality
  • Job is priced in accordance with costs in the Unit Price Book
  • Prices are never negotiated
  • The ability to compare proposals to estimates
  • Centralized data and network capability

Job Order Contract

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