QA Services

SiSGreen believes that a software testing process that does not incorporate quality processes and practices lacks credibility and can affect a product's reputation in the market. As a company with experience in software application design and development, we are in the process of implementing quality assurance and testing methodologies. A good QA strategy holds the key to successful product development, the reason why we rigorously implement the QA process throughout the SDLC or PDLC; right from the requirement stage.

Testing Services

Testing is an integral part of Software development and plays a vital role in the delivery of quality products. SiSGreen believes that to ensure quality, it is not only necessary to rectify bugs but also essential to locate the root cause for such occurrences. This helps in the prevention of bugs in the early stages of the testing cycle.

Testing - Development Products
For new product development, we plan to follow a rigorous testing methodology wherein the test team will be involved in the product right from the beginning of development. Test Plans, test cases will be in place and actual testing consists of:

  • Unit Testing
  • Functionality Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Acceptance Testing

Testing – Outsourced Products/Third Party Products
SiSGreen follows standard QA process for testing third party products. A well defined process plan is approved by the client before testing begins. Test scenarios/ test cases are either provided by the client or created by the test team. For every release after a new implementation or bug fix, the test cases have to be executed and errors are recorded as required by the client. For building quality products, consecutive builds need to be verified and validated in various environments, simulating different user-conditions.

QA Services

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